By | April 4, 2018

Marla Spooner Neise and Chuck Spooner, Central Atlanta Tractor owners, stand with one of their new IROCK machines on the yard in Austell, Ga.

Central Atlanta Tractor Sales Inc. based in Austell, Ga., recently took on the IROCK line of crushers and screeners.

According to Chuck Spooner, Central Atlanta Tractor president, the plan is to initially offer the machines as rentals and look toward converting the units to sell at a later date.

“It was a natural transition to take on the IROCK line,” said Spooner. “Many of our technicians were already familiar with servicing crushing and screening equipment, so we’re positioned right from the beginning to service these machines. From a sales aspect, we’ve been around these types of machines for years and have bought and sold many used crushing and screening machines through the years. This is simply an opportunity to take a product line that we are familiar with, and present it to the Georgia market.”

IROCK also has done its part for the new partnership, Spooner said. The company has been very hands on, and has been available to assist in sales and rental applications.

“We think it’s a really good partnership,” he said. “I feel very comfortable that they’ll be able to help us advance the products and make sales and rentals to our customers. They’re even available to come out to our customers’ job sites when we require their assistance setting up the machines.”

The plan to focus on Georgia — specifically metro Atlanta — for sales and rentals goes hand-in-hand with what Central Atlanta Tractor’s focus has always been with other lines, its used equipment business and local equipment trends.

“Most of the good job sites are gone,” Spooner said. “Now you’re dealing with sites that have rock, or you’re dealing with the demo of an existing building. It’s more cost effective to mobilize equipment to a site for crushing than to haul material off or to have someone else crush it for you. It’s a natural new trend.”

Eric Dombrowski, IROCK product specialist, has been to the Central Atlanta Tractor dealership several times, and said they have been fantastic to work with.

“I’m always happy to come back to help them with a demo,” he said.

John Patton, IROCK regional sales manager, said, “They have a great reputation in the state for customer service. It’s for these reasons we felt very comfortable with setting them up as a dealer.”


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